Yonaka Kurai
I have to get home...Today's the day brother comes home...So... I have to get home quick...It's just been so long...I really miss him...
~ Yonaka

End Normal
The one who inherits King mogeko's power becomes king. Obey me.
~ Yonaka to mogekos

God Yonaka
I forgive the sin of all mogeko
~ Lord Prosciutto

Yonaka Mogeko Castle Gaiden

Character Synopsis

Yonaka Kurai (倉井 ヨナカ) is a high school girl and the protagonist of Mogeko Castle.  Yonaka is depicted as a doting younger sister who loves her brother. She admires her brother greatly, wishing for nothing more than to see and be together with him again, due to him leaving her and their family sometime when she was in Junior High. She is a very serious, kind and accepting girl; she was quick to accept cooperating with Defect Mogeko, despite not being wholly aware of the reasons concerning his imprisonment. However, like many of Deep-Sea Prisoner's characters, she also has a darker side; in the events of Mogeko Castle, she occasionally demonstrates a sinister side to her, and during most of the game she has the option to kill several Mogeko, or generally act cruel to them, with no reasoning or justification.

Powers and Stats

Tier: UnknownUnknown with the Big Knife, At least 2-C with the Huffspray | 2-C | 2-C | 2-C | At least 2-A

Name: Yonaka Kurai, Lord Prosciutto

Origin: DSP Verse (Mogeko Castle and Mogeko Castle Gaiden)

Gender: Female

Age: Never specified but likely 17 to 18 years considering she's a high schooler

Classification: Human | King of Mogekos | Goddess of the Mogeko world

Powers and Abilities:  

All previous abilities to an unfathomably greater extent plus Immortality Negation (Type 9, Killed King mogeko)

All previous abilities to an unfathomably greater extent plus Immortality (Type 3 and 4. Lesser beings such as demons and angels can come back from being reduced to conceptually destroyed. Even lesser beings like humans can endlessly coma back from dying), Regeneration (High Godly), ResurrectionPossessionLight ManipulationTrue Flight and Non-Corporeal (it is implied that she resurrected her brotherShe got possessed by Lord Prosciutto(the light) and inherited its powers. During the possession, Lord Prosciutto shows the ability to manipulate light manipulation and to flight), Fourth Wall Awareness (Is aware she is in a game), Abstract Existence (Type 1) & Nigh-Omnipresence (Merged with the Darkness of Mogeko Castle), Invulnerability and can cause Status Effect InducementDarkness ManipulationPoison ManipulationStatistics ReductionPower NullificationSleep Manipulation and has a Resistance to all of them (Sword Prosciutto causes all the status effects and ArmorHelmetShield, and Charm Prosciutto are immune to all of them while giving invulnerability to physical attacks. The prosciutto armor it’s stated to be made by the god of another worldIt makes sense for that god to be Lord Prosciutto since the one who gives the armor to you is a mogeko), Nigh-Omnipotence (Is seen as god by the mogeko raceGods are stated to be "omnipotent"), Immortality (Type 9, it is mentioned that souls “ascend” to heaven to become one with Lord Prosciutto, this would mean that heaven is some sort of higher reality), Soul Manipulation (Mogekos souls ascend to heaven to become one with Lord Prosciutto), Acausality (Type 4), Higher-Dimensional ManipulationHigher-Dimensional Physiology (Naturally exist in a higher dimension aka heaven where souls “ascend” to become one with Lord Prosciuttothis gets more reinforcement with Lowrie mentions that there are "worlds" above other "worlds"), Freedom, Resistance to Madness Manipulation and Corruption (Lesser beings such as witches can resist the caused by the Sea of Death which passively corrupts everything near itincluding one's mind and even control it), Death ManipulationSealing and BFR (Due to her status as a godess she is hundreds of times above the likes of Wadanohara who managed to break out of the Sea of Death spell meaning that she is unaffected by the effects caused by the spell that covers the Sea of Death which causes all of these effects), Conceptual ManipulationExistence Erasure (Lesser beings such as humans can resist the effects of the Big Knife)

Attack Potency: UnknownUnknown with the Big Knife, At least Low Multiverse Level with the Huffspray (With the Huffspray she could incapacitate Moge-ko) | Low Multiverse Level (After realizing her reason to be in Mogeko Castle she becomes strong enough to kill King mogeko) | Low Multiverse Level (Inherited King mogeko powers and become Superior to Moge-ko) | At least Low Multiverse Level (Inherited the power of Lord Prosciutto becoming even stronger) | At least Multiverse+ Level (Lord Prosciutto's true self should be on the same league as other godsGods' worlds contain infinite alternate universes)

Speed: Immeasurable (Can somewhat keep up with Moge-ko) | Immeasurable (Should be no slower than before) | Immeasurable | Immeasurable (Lord Prosciutto’s light covered the castle in secondswhich is infinite in size structure and it has rooms where the time is frozen. Superior to Mogeko technology which includes buses and trains that can travel universes/worlds. One of the many aspects of worlds its that they have time, which means traversing them involves traversing space-time thus granting this rating), Nigh-Omnipresent within the Mogeko Castle (Merged with "The Darkness" of Mogeko Castle) | Immeasurable (Lord Prosciutto exist in a higher plane(heaven) which is some sort of higher reality since it is necessary to "ascend" to reach it. In terms of existence, she should be comparable to Etihw who according to Emalf, could live on some sort of higher realitythis gets more reinforcement with Lowrie mentions that there are higher realities)

Lifting Strength: Unknown Infinite | Infinite | Immeasurable (Lesser beings such as witches can interact with objects such as Chick which transcends the universe) | Immeasurable

Striking Strength: UnknownUnknown with the Big KnifeLow Multiversal with the Huffspray | Low MultiversalLow MultiversalLow Multiversal | At least Multiversal+

Durability: Unknown | Unknown, likely Low Multiversal Level | Low Multiversal (Superior to King mogeko) | Low Multiverse Level (Even in the eyes of the Mogeko race, Lord Prosciutto is seen as almighty and omnipotent, said race has easily 2-C entities such as King mogeko. Exists beyond the universe and would be unaffected by the destruction of The Mogeko Castle itself) | At least Multiverse+ Level

Stamina: Average | Superhuman | Very High (Upscaling from King mogeko) | Limitless (Is a conceptual entity) | Limitless (While the true form of Lord Prosciutto is not conceptual, she should scale to its previous form due to being superior)

Range: Standard Melee Range, Standard Melee Range with the Big Knife, Standard Melee Range with Huffspray | Unknown, likely Low Multiversal | Multiversal+ | Multiversal+ | At least Multiversal+

Standard Equipment: Big Knife, Huffspray

Intelligence: Average | Average | Nigh-Omniscient (Obtained all the powers of King mogeko) | Nigh-Omniscient | Nigh-Omniscient

Weaknesses: None Notable | None Notable | None Notable | None Notable | None Notable

Key: Yonaka Kurai | Post-Realization | King of Mogekos | Lord Prosciutto's Avatar | True Lord Prosciutto

Note: This profile only covers the events of Mogeko Castle, this profile might get mayors upgrades when Mogeko Castle Gaiden comes out.

Note 2: It should be noted that despite not getting any new powers in her post-realization key/form she still easily overpowered King mogeko, making those powers, attack potency, and speed borderline useless against her.

Note 3: The reason why she is listed as "unknown" rather than just "normal human level" is because how the verse treats humans, they might be weaker than mogekos (High 3-A beings), but they are not like infinite times weaker, considering it is shown that some humans can seemingly keep up and run away from mogekos.



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