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" Ai Means to Love People"

-Yusaku saying Ai the meaning of his name while crying

" I think so too. Now i understand that Definition"

-Ai responses to Yusaku's Answer while crying happily as well


Yusaku Fujiki and Ai/Dark Ignis are the Main Protagonists in the series known as Yugioh Vrains aka the sixth show in the Yugioh Franchise.

Powers and Stats

Tier:Unknown | 9-B | 6-B | 4-B | High 2-A | 1-C

Name:Yusaku Fujiki/Playmaker , Ai/Dark ignis



Age:16(Yusaku),Unknown (Ai)

Classification:Duelists(For Both) | Hero of Link Vrains(as Playmaker) | The Dark Ignis (Ai) | Living Ai with Free will (Ai) and etc

Powers and Abilities:

Ai/Dark ignis

Summoning,Power Nullification,Statistic Amplification,BFR,Death Manipulation,Damage Negation,High invulnerability,Damage infliction,Darkness Manipulation,Light Manipulation,Water Manipulation,Fire Manipulation,Wind Manipulation,Energy Manipulation,Hacking,Modification,Void Manipulation,Probability Manipulation,Data Manipulation via Data storms,Immortality( type 1,2,3 & 6),Personality Rewrite,Shield Projection/Barriers,Healing,Regeneration(High to Mid),Pocket reality Manipulation,Soul/Mind Manipulation,Soul Removal,Information Analysis,Technological Manipulation,Sleep Manipulation,Extraordinary Genius intelligence,Data Erasure,Data Absorption,Cloning,Multiple Lives,Technological Sensing/Detection,Fusionism,Limited Law Manipulation,Earth Manipulation,Parallel processing, Mental evolution, Enhanced Mind,Hypercognition(ignis characters being AI they can process a lots of information way faster than a normal person, in addition to that since they have free will they continue to evolve at an extremely quick pace. Even Dr Kogami feared their intelligence. Ignis characters stated that in a very near future they wouldn't need humans anymore.)Intangibility (Bohman was able to use his fake avatar outside of Link Vrains (it appeared through a TV) in the real world. This character cannot be hit by conventional ways as attacks go through him, Ai should be able to do the same),Existence Erasure (With PK Duel in the LINK VRAINS),Inorganic Physiology (According to Kolter, Ai is built out of highly complicated algorithms that even Yusaku couldn't fully decode)

Yusaku Fujiki/Playmaker

Summoning,Hacking,Statistic Amplification,Statistic Reduction,Damage Negation,BFR,Mind Manipulation,Power Nullification,Technological Sensing/Detection,Attack Negation,(Gifted,Genius)Intelligence,Information Transfer,High invulnerability,Damage infliction,Healing,information Analysis/Analytical Analysis,Fate Manipulation,Death Negation,Resurrection,Equalized Condition,Decodification,Flight via Hoverboard & Duel Disk(Via Ai's Modification added),Energy Manipulation,Fusionism,Light Manipulation,Darkness Manipulation,Fire Manipulation,Electricity Manipulation,Wind Manipulation,Earth manipulation,Void Manipulation,Truth & Lie Detection,Immortality Type 6 via(Avatar Forms and Ai stating Yusaku could turn his own Consciousness into Data in the Final Battle) ,Data Creation,Limited Power Mimicry via Transaction Rollback,Spatial Manipulation(Can break through Fire walls and invade into Advanced or hidden, Systems of the Vrains),Existence Erasure (With PK Duel in the LINK VRAINS)

Attack Potency:Unknown | Wall Level(Monsters can harm the likes of Blue Angel who can Survive being sent through a building which is calculated at this Level [1]) Country Level (Ai Created a Dimension for Robopoppy which Robopoppy stated was a Country) Solar System Level (Ai and Yusaku have access to XYZ which According to Konami, Xyz Monsters have traveled to Yuma's dimension from the other side of a black hole that can harm others Xyz and so on)High Multiversal+ Level (Both Ai and Yusaku Stomped Zaizen who had a Tindangle Deck which scales to it's mythos,Hound of Tindalos who is at least 5th-dimensional entities who exist far beyond human concepts of time, space, force, and matter) Complex Multiversal Level (Ai Gained The power of All the Ignis which powered Up Bohman who stated to be powerful enough to destroying Everything inorder for only him to remain Which would include Link Vrains that has been stated to have Countless Worlds Plus it has Parallel Worlds such as Mirror World,Link Vrains 2 & etc that are parallel worlds with different Mechanics, Yusaku should scale as well Considering that his Darkfluid Monster Contain the power of the Ignis which defeated Bohman)

Speed:Speed of Light to FTL(Comparable if not superior to Lightning/Light ignis,Who stated himself to move at the speed of Light [2]),MFTL(Travel to the place where Zaizen's siblings was that there are filled with countless stars, planets and galaxies in few times) | Omnipresent via Link Vrains | Immeasurable

Lifting Strength:Regular Human | Higher with Monsters

Unknown | Higher with Monsters

Striking Strength:Unknown Class | Wall Class | Country Class | Solarsystem Class | High Multiversal+ Class | Complex Multiversal Class

Durability:Unknown | Wall Level | Country Level | Solarsystem Level | High Multiversal+ Level | Complex Multiversal Level (Fought Opponents with Comparable Ap like Bohman and even Eachother)



Intelligence:Very High

Weaknesses:[Read Below]

For Yusaku Fujiki/Playmaker

Suffers from PTSD along with Human Weakness.

File:250px-Yusaku PTSD.png

For Ai/Dark Ignis

Can be Overconfident at times

and is Susceptible to Hacking.


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